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Since the year 2000 Chad has swiftly risen in export and production of gum Arabic paralleling Sudan. Chad now produces around 16-20 thousand tons a year of Talha (Acacia Seyal) and around 5-7 thousand tons of Kitir (Acacia Senegal) with only 50% of the national gum arabic resources being exploited. Unlike the other gum producing countries, the gum market in Chad is solely driven by theprivate sector, free from any government intervention.

Acacia Senegal is known as KITIR in Chad and sold as un-grades clean lumps and Dust. Acacia Seyal is known as TALHA or FRIABLE, sold as cleaned mixed grade or graded into >4mm, 2-4mm, 0.5-2mm and Dust. Chad also produces various species of acacia such as Acacia polyacantha, as well as the so called Sokotou and Macaroni.
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